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Can I refrigerate dough successfully

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Tim Greening-Jackson

Can I refrigerate dough successfully

I have what I hope is a very simple question.

Over the weekend I want to make one batch of bread rolls on both Saturday and Sunday. As I am lazy, could I just make up one batch (say 800g) of dough (ordinary white bread dough) and then having knocked it back split it in to two halves, putting one in the refrigerator in a plastic bag? Would it keep until the next day and still prove and bake OK?

Any tips?

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Boron Elgar

I retard almost all my breads overnight in the fridge. You needn't wait until after the first rise to divide & refrigerate, either. I usually keep the dough out long enough to do 2-3 stretch & folds, then toss the bowl into the fridge (covered well, of course). The dough will continue to ferment in the fridge, the gluten will develop, as will a deeper flavor. 



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Same here!