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New to the Forum and newish to bread making

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Kneading One

New to the Forum and newish to bread making

Hello Folks!

Last May I tried my hand at wild yeast sourdough bread and have found that it is truly addicting to bake my own bread! I have tried a few different flours and thus far a combination of hard red winter and soft spring wheat is my favorite, at the time being. I stumbled upon this site looking for places to buy wheat berries in the Northern California area. I am also on the verge of purchasing a hand grinding machine as well. I am definitely leaning towards the Country Kitchen Grain Mill. I am also contemplating building a cob oven in my back yard. Yes, I do tend to go all out when I get involved in anything. I have been very interested in the slow food movement and baking my own bread was actually what got me going on this hobby. So this has been a very interesting journey and I have been exceptionally pleased on the course(s) it has taken me on. So if anyone knows of places that they could recommend for the purchasing of wheat berries, I would greatly appreciate their input. I look forward to learning more about bread making and joining this wonderful community.  Richard




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Hello Richard and welcome. I can't help with your question I am afraid, I live in the UK, but I am sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.