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Can you recommend a baker/bakery for an interview?

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Can you recommend a baker/bakery for an interview?

For Christmas, I was gifted several sessions with an "Executive Coach" to help me figure out how to start my baking business: bake out of the house? bake in commercial space? sell wholesale? sell online? food truck? retail?

My "homework" is to find at least three bakers in EACH scenario and do an informational interview to learn the pros/cons/challenges/benefits of each. Collectively, this wisdom will be an invaluable tool for me to make my decisions....

But I need some help tracking down folks who may not have the top Google search engine spots...

Can you recommend someone or a business who fits one of these categories...who might be willing to answer a few questions of mine? I'm curious to know how they got started...what they've learned along the way...what they wished they had or had not done...

Grateful to you all!

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I would suggest speaking with a franchisee of the Great Harvest chain of bakeries.  Great Harvest provides an immense amount of schooling and support for their franchisees.  I hope there is one in your area.  

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Hi CJRoman

I am happy to give you an interview if you send me a pm

Best wishes


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Stanley Weathers

I would suggest wholesale restaurant desserts bakery for an interview to start your baking business. They are famous for it rich texture and elegant favours.