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Beth H.'s Anadama Bread with cheddar?

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Beth H.'s Anadama Bread with cheddar?

Has anyone tried Beth Hensperger's Anadama Bread with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese?

I have never tasted Anadama bread or made it..just had a few questions.

In it she cooks 1/2 cup fine or medium grind cornmeal in 1 1/2 cup water for a few mins to make a porridge and then adds 8 oz of shredded above cheddar and some butter to the hot porridge.

She then kneads the cooled porridge into about 6 cups of white flour, yeast, salt etc. 

Interestingly, her sweetener is honey, not molasses.

She  pats out the dough, sprinkles with paprika, rolls up like jelly rolls to make two loaves.

This sounds interesting to me. 

Would this taste just like a light cornbread?

Or would it be quite dense because the melted cheese and porridge?

And would having cooked the cornmeal into a porridge make the dough very sticky to work with?


A more general question: 

I am seeing a lot of recipes that add grain(s) cooked to a porridge into the dough.  Just wondering how this works in the final bread vs just soaking the same grains in water overnight? Going to try such recipes anyway but your input is greatly welcome.

Thank you so much!