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2 loaves of same bread 2 different results

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2 loaves of same bread 2 different results

Hi all

So I made 2 loaves of tartine style bread. First 1 I cooked and had decent results. The second one I placed in the fridge overnight and baked in AM. Pulled out to temper 2 hrs before baking. The second didn't rise much, felt a little dense, and was chewy. Any comments or suggestions? Both had a great sour taste. I posted a pic of the first laid a few days ago. Thanks in advance.

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David Esq.

First, are you sure you had the oven/combo cooker at the same temperature?

If the dough was cooked at the same temperature, is it possible that the second loaf was not proofed for the right amount of time?

Assuming both doughs were finally shaped at the same time, how long and at what temperature was the first loaf proofed before baking, and how long after final shaping was the second loaf refrigerated?

My quick suggestion is to try cooking the refridgerated dough right out of the fridge -- don't let it sit out for another 2 hours at room temperature.

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Both loaves we're bulk fermented at the same time. 

The final shaping was done at the same time. the loaf I baked rested for about 2 hours @60-65 degree temp Before baking. My house is a little cold. But the loaf was good.

The second loaf was in the fridge about 14 hours. 

Both were cooked at same temp.