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First ITJB bake -- Almond Splats!

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First ITJB bake -- Almond Splats!

Okay, they were supposed to be almond horns, but I had a great deal of trouble measuring the egg whites our properly. Even after beating, I would get blobs of albumen which would fluctuate the weight over and under and I finally thought, how big a difference would 4  - 5 grams of egg white make?  Oops! Any suggestions on the egg whites are appreciated. Perhaps I should have just thrown out the offending albumen strand.

I had to improvise using cold dough and spooning it out on to sliced almond covered parchment. The saving grace here as these splats taste wonderful! To borrow a line from Guy Fieri, you could spread the home made almond paste on a rubber flip flop and it would still be good. The ITJB adventure begins!

Best regards, Brian

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You heve outdone yourself this time. Just gorgeous but keep the flipflop outa there!  i want some kind of French toast out of them.,,,,

Happy baking ski

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Mini Oven

differences in the test recipe to the published one...   I didn't test these but the secret might be in beating the whites stiff.  Do I have the right link?   Splats work for me and those look yummy!

Skibum's picture

. . . on NY Bakes website. For a full recipe sugar 170g rather than the 340g published. I also used 4 - 5 grams more egg white than was called for and based on some of the results I have seen in the test thread, one needs to be pretty tight to the formula. Anyhow it was a home and baking day today and these overly sugary splats were hared to stay away from!