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First Bake of 2014

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First Bake of 2014

Totally from scratch loaves! There was no recipe, I used what I had on hand, and went by taste, smell, feel and 30 years of home baking experience to come up with something totally unique.

There's a little yeast, a lot of sourdough starter. I used oat, whole wheat and all purpose flours. Added a little honey and a little turbinado sugar. Mixed in some unsalted nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, all unsalted). A touch of walnut and sesame oils.

Three different baking methods and temps, with and with out steam, one loaf in a pan, two on the stone. Not the prettiest loaves I've ever made, but one of the best tasting! Texture is good, butter hold ability outstanding.

Bake on good people, stretch the envelope!


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that turned out tasting great.  A success every time when that happens.

Happy Baking

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Great creative looking Bake!