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back with wood fire and excitement!!

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back with wood fire and excitement!!

Hi all

I haven't been around this site for ages - amongst other things, had a new baby girl and renovated a new house :-) Renovation included installing a pre-cast pizza/bread oven, so I'm all fired up (in all senses) to do some killer baking again, woo too!!

Greetings from a sunny Cape Town, South Africa and looking forward to lots more bread geek exchanges :-)


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Congrats Lisa on the birth of your daughter and your new house.  Would love to see some photos of you new oven.

It's cloudy with a foot of snow on the ground here in Long Island, New York....could use some of your sun and heat :).


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108 breads

I'm not sure if I will ever build an oven, but I would love to hear about how you use it and the way the breads come out. Congratulations on having a daughter. I am sure she will give you lots of joy.