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Mac bread software?

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Mark Sealey's picture
Mark Sealey

Mac bread software?

Anyone know of an alternative to BreadStorm, please?

Something like that is what I think I'd find useful - but support seems almost non-existent; and it's very expensive…


Les Nightingill's picture
Les Nightingill

Browser-based, pc/mac/tablet. Free.

Please stand by...

Mark Sealey's picture
Mark Sealey

Hi Les,


That's fantastic news :-)

Are you in a position to elaborate - maybe offline (PM or email), please?


Crider's picture
BetsyMePoocho's picture


Good simple calculator......! Thanks for the post!

Mark Sealey's picture
Mark Sealey

Crider, thanks! Great calculator.

BreadStorm - apparently - allows you to dispense with the recipe-by-recipe spreadsheet approach; and keep multiple records; one for each formula… to refer back to, log, annotate and refine

That's what I'm looking for.

Appreciated :-)

baysailor's picture

I am wondering if there are any programs like Breadstorm, but for the PC?  I am using a spreadsheet right now and have decided to try to make a Visual Basic version to help out, but I am wondering if there is already something out there.  I really don't want an online calculator.

DakotaRose's picture

This is the exact thing I am looking for as well.  I love to make breads and formulating recipes, but sometimes working it out on paper takes away from the time I could use to make the bread.  ;-)  Thanks in advance.

La masa's picture
La masa

If you are talking about Calcmasa, just click "File" and "Save Page As...".

Calcmasa current version is a single page website.