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Greetings from Manchester UK

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Tim Greening-Jackson

Greetings from Manchester UK

Hi there. My earlier attempt at an introductory post didn't work, so here's my second attempt...

I've recently started baking bread, which at times seems almost like alchemy. I'm keeping my attempts simple for the time being and am grateful for any advice anyone can give me about a whole lot of things. I have a relatively small kitchen (I live in a city centre apartment) and at the moment am confining my efforts to white loaves and buns.

When I have more understanding and experience I'd like to branch out in to more exotic things like Focacica and ultimately start making sourdough. But for the time being I'm keeping things simple.

As I type this there is a loaf baking in the oven to go with some chicken soup I am also making for supper. So I'd better sign off and see how it's going.



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Hello Tim and welcome from another UK baker. It is addictive this bread baking, but so satisfying when it all comes together and a beautiful loaf comes out of the oven.

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Baking is a bit like a chemistry lab. Being precise and so forth. Welcome from banks of the Mississippi in Minnesota USA. A recent post suggested no knead focaccia I think. Take a look around.


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And welcome to TFL.  Lots of nice folks here that bake some seriously good breads and are glad to help anyone.

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This bread baking stuff's a whole lot of fun.  And TFL's got lots to offer.

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Hi there Tim

yes, bread baking is a lot like alchemy... but also something very intuitive. The more you do it, the more you'll "get it"... Foccacia is actually hugely simple and almost failsafe (baguette and ciabatta a little more technical). Welcome from Cape Town, South Africa :-)