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Another Baker's Percent Calculator

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Bob S.

Another Baker's Percent Calculator

Happy new year everyone! I have made a lot of replies but haven't started any threads. I have written a baker's percentage calculator that runs online (no downloads necessary). Unlike many other calculators, this one is geared to the amateur baker (especially to those who use measuring spoons for such ingredients as salt and yeast). Here is the link to my calculator:

I hope some folks will find it useful.

Bob S.

Janet Yang's picture
Janet Yang

Thanks—I was looking for something like this.


aecummingsII's picture

This seems very easy to use and should be of interest to many new bakers.  Thank you for posting!

nora sass's picture
nora sass

Thank you so much for sharing.  It certainly would help a newbie like me. Till now I am nervous getting there, but hope this would help me regain my confident level. Cheers !!!