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Burned bread bottom

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Burned bread bottom

I was teaching my step mom to make sourdough bread, it came out pretty perfect except that the bottom of the bread stuck to the dutch oven we baked it in, and when I got it loose it was all black/burned on the bottom.

The only difference was she added some honey to the dough. Is it possible that's why it burned, or is it likely it burned because we didn't clean the dutch oven properly?


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with a significant addition of honey do burn easier than if you used an equivalent amount of sugar, for example. The dutch oven should have minimized the effect, though. Maybe try putting parchment paper on the bottom of the DO before you put the loaf in, at least it will not stick that way and will reduce burning at least a bit.

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Move the D/O to a higher rack in the oven, if possible.

And/or place the D/O on a sheet type pan, and/or experiment placing the D/O on aluminum foil(a single layer or various multiple layers).

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I always use parchment paper in my dutch oven and it does keep things from sticking. Sounds like your oven rack is too low or the temp is too high.