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Help! Tartine Basic Country Bread w Polenta

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Help! Tartine Basic Country Bread w Polenta

Tartine basic country w polenta

I've been making the basic country loaf every week for about 8 months, just to get the feel and process down. I've made the herbed and olive versions successfully, but the polenta recipe has knocked me down: way too wet. Had to use baking pans to try to salvage the effort. The loaves look OK, but I'm afraid they're more door-stoppers than a meal. Does anyone know if a correction has been issued for this formula? It calls for an additional 2 c of water.


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When I made it I was worried that the polenta would make it too wet too but it seemed to be okay. The two cups of water over the one cup of polenta was actually quite stiff. Another polenta bread really stole everyone's hearts though-so I haven't tried the Tartine one again.

Your bread looks really good though, if it tastes half as good as it looks, you have a winner!