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Hertzberg/Francois Boule question

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Hertzberg/Francois Boule question

Being a beginner, I need some help. I followed the Boule recipe in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I halved the recipe, and converted it into grams:

354g 100F water

5.5g yeast

8g salt

450g AP flour.

I stuck it in the refrigerator yesterday after a 3 hour rise at 71F room temperature.

My question is: I'd like to bake it this Monday. Right now it looks like a big bowl of sourdough starter (btw, my sourdough starter is sitting in that same fridge--is there any possibility some beasties could "move" over there?), it's bubbly, and it doesn't smell too yeasty, which I like. However, the thing is highly hydrated. I'm worried I will get in trouble once I want to take it out of the bowl to "cloak" it, as H+F call it; that it'll be so sticky that it'll be unmanageable. Is there anything I could do to it now to "tighten" it up a bit, like some stretch and folds in the bowl? If so, when, how many, how often? Anything else? Or should it be fine if I just leave it alone?

The instructions just say to take it out of the bowl, "cloak" it and let it rest for 40 minutes before sticking it in the oven.

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while the dough is in the fridge.  I had never heard of it before I read Josh doing it for some of his bakes.  The perfect way to tighten it up I would say.

Happy baking