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Insufficient rise on my baguette and boule.

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Insufficient rise on my baguette and boule.

Hello ,

This is the first time that I post anything on TFL. I have been baking for quite some time, but lately I have been having either over-proofed dough or under-proofed ones. I baked Jefferey Hammelman's baguette with Poolish today from his Bread book. My final result wat not enough rise and my baguette was not satisfactory. I am having trouble figuring out when my dough is ready. This is my baguette the holes were very small and did not rise enough. Thank you.

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From your picture it is hard to tell exactly what is happening.  What I do see is malformed baguettes as a result of shaping techniques.  The baguette is not an easy bread to make and it requires near perfection along every step of the process.  Mixing, fermenting, proofing and shaping are all critical steps that must be right.

Small holes in the crumb could be from dough that is too dry or shaping that was to forceful.  See if watching this video helps:


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Whether the dough was the issue but from I can see that is what we call when you "dogbone" your baguette shape.  You pushed the dough to the ends instead of even distribution.  This is an easy mistake to make with baguettes and practice will get you past this issue.  I agree with above poster about watching some videos on shaping which will be very helpful.  

This happens to most anyone who has tried to shape baguettes.  I'm sure they tasted great so keep at it and you'll get some beauties in no time.


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Yes agree with others this looks like forming and shaping technique.

Question for you.  When you shape the baguettes are you rolling them with your hands on top making them into sausage shapes?  If so that could be your problem.  You are perhaps being too rough and squashing all the air out (like knocking back again) and your shaping is not even.  Here's how I treat my baguettes:

1.  Once the dough is risen and ready aim to handle everything extremely lightly and with care

2.  Definitely pre-form your baguette before shaping it.  GENTLY push the dough out to a rough rectangle.  Fold 1/3rd over and the remaining 1/3rd on top (left to right).  Normally this is enough but you can also then fold 1/3rd and 1/3rd again in the other direction (top to bottom).  You should be left with a rough small fat sausage.  Not looking for tight skin here just a pre-formed uniform shape.  Leave this to rest 10-15mins and it will rise further and loosen up.

3.  NOW we shape the baguette very gently.  Carefully flatten the pre-formed shape a litte and stretch out left to right to the desired length being careful not to destroy the rise.  Fold the long top side over 1/3rd into the middle and GENTLY press the edge with fingertips.  Now spin the whole thing clockwise 180degrees.  Pick up the top edge and pull it completely over to the bottom edge (i.e. right over the first fold) and with the base of your hand gently pat down along the edge to seal it right to left.  Now gently roll a little with not much pressure and taper then ends.  Slash and bake.


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Thank you everyone for your comments. I will try to put this into perspective and will post my next bake.