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What do you think of Aldi's Stollen?

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What do you think of Aldi's Stollen?

I haven't tasted really good stollen since I can remember.  My wife picked up a $5 cellophane wrapped stollen from Aldi and we tried it out this evening.  I thought it tasted damn good!!  But I have not benchmark to compare with.  If anything, it reminded me of a less dense version of Christmas fruitcake (taste wise).  Anyone care to comment?  Can I make a better stollen than the people at Aldi?

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Which one? Our's sells two:
Marzipanstollen and Butterstollen.

The first one is without real butter but with vegetable oil. The second one is without real marzipan. I'd go with the Butterstollen. Butter is a must. I've had much worse ones from local artisan bakeries.

But I still think you can really do better if you take real butter, real marzipan, good candied fruits and a mild milky sourdough (long rise (5.5 hours) at a cool place that the butter does not melt) no baking powder and very little yeast (this year I did it sourdough only but didn't try it yet)
But this really will be time consuming and if you start today (Saturday noon where I live) with the soudough you will be baking on the 22nd and the first time you can taste it will be the 29th. Too late for Christmas ;) :(
And the price of the ingredients also will me much higher.

But beware: there are two Aldis: North and South + Hofer Austria. They have different products.

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I torn the label off before realizing I should read about what's in the loaf.  I do believe it is the Holly Lane version only because it seems familiar.  One reviewer says this about the Marzipan version,

"A classic Aldi sleeper product. A very pleasant sweet fruit bread with just enough going on. Not as overblown or nut crusted as its big supermarket rivals but then, at a third of the price, it doesn't need to be. A cracking product."

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have some great products (not saying that all they sell is good) and I personally think their Stollen (I've only tasted te Marzipanstollen) are quite good, certainly given the pricing.  As adri said, I've had worse from supposedly 'artisanal' bakeries that were sold at a multiple of the price.  Sure, you can do better yourself but I hate to bring it, you're too should ripen at least a couple of weeks, if you just bake it and taste it it'll be good, let it rest for a couple of weeks and it'll be spectacular.

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Our Aldi here in the city sells 3 types. Cherry, Butter Almond, and Marzipan.

My friend from France loves Aldi's stollen. Says it is the closest to the Alsace Christmas markets that he could find. And the price is amazing. Did you know that Aldi owns Trader Joe's!!!

2 Days ago they went on sale for 50% off.  So the new low price is $2.49. That is a steal!!

I have successfully frozen this stollen for up to 3 months. Aldi offers a double back guarantee to either replace the product or give you your money back.
The Marzipan Stollen from Aldi is made in Germany and imported into the US.

Good stuff!! Stock up now and freeze it.

Happy Eating.