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check this out

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check this out

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nora sass

Very innovative.  Cool !!!! Tks for sharing. Next time I know what to do if I had a burnt crust.:)

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I went to YouTube and found some similar videos of old country bread making from several places. It's amazing how similar the flat bread methods are:

Baking Bread The Old-Fashioned Azerbaijani Way

Pita Bread Making and Baking in Giza Egypt

Armenian Lavash

Traditional 'Yufka' flat-bread making in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Moroccan Bread, Village of Tamtettoucht, Atlas Mountains Morocco

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That was a mighty mass of dough the woman was manipulating.

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is she hammered off the best part of the crust!  You think maybe she should make smaller loaves if she dosn't like a bold bake?  Or maybe it is traditional to make it look like that no matter how the crust comes out of the oven looking like!  Bet it really tasted good no matter what!

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I think it's deliberate, mr brown.  That's what my Romanian friend tells me.  I tried it with some bold baked bread and the crust underneath was extraordinary.  It was almost like a steamed crust if you know what I mean.  Give it a try.

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The baker did not use an oven door as far as I can tell.  There must be a lot of thermal mass in that oven to hold temperature for that many loaves with the oven mouth open.   Makes me wonder how old that oven is….I imagine it has seen a lot of bread in its days.  God bless the baker….she is a hard working woman.  I love the little smile as she kneads.