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whatcha' think of this oven?

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babybirdbreads's picture

whatcha' think of this oven?

I'm seeking opinions on the gas, smaller oven.

there is a used one for sale in my area.

we are starting a  small-scale commercial artisan bread bakery with possibility of also selling some  pastry type things as well.

from what i THINK i know, this would not be an ideal artisan bread oven....

prove me wrong or tell me why i would want it.  or wouldn't. 


FueledByCoffee's picture

This is an ideal oven for pastries but not so much for artisan breads...First of all convection is counter-intuitive for artisan bread as it will often cause your crust to color quickly before actually forming the nice thick crust you desire. Second of all it doesn't seem to have steam injection, which if you intend to produce commercially is pretty much a must.  Third you have no hearth in convection oven...Artisan bread relies on a good kick from the bottom heating element that typically retains heat well (stone) present in bread ovens which give quick and efficient heat transfer.

this is what I think of :

something along those lines is ideal for artisan bread and can also do pastry as well with a little bit of experimentation (sometimes baking on upside down sheet trays or something of that nature).

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babybirdbreads's picture

thanks, friends.  you confirmed what i suspected. we will pass on  the oven and keep looking.  THANKS!