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Artisan Bread School

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Artisan Bread School

Join master baker, Carl Shavitz, learn the secrets of making European breads from sourdough to Italian delicacies, and become an artisan baker in your own home. 

Class held in the United States, Anchorage, Kentucky on March 17-21, 2014

To find out more information or to complete an application for the class visit the Artisan Bread School website.

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I have heard great things about this class. That is great looking Foccacia!

Mr Shavitz should try to have a class in the northwest, maybe Seattle. I think it would be really popular.

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I took this course several years ago.  Not only did it change my way of making bread, it changed my life.  Shavitz is absolutely passionate about bread and what you learn in 5 days will amaze you.  If that doesn't convince you it's worth the money then let me tell you that his after course back-up is second to none.  Don't take my word for it, check out other threads on this site.


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