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Having Bread and Jam

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Having Bread and Jam

Warning: This may make no sense at all, and I may be sarcastic and darkly humorous.

I enjoy a dense, tender bread. Why? you may ask. Because it holds my jelly well, and doesn't leak.

This shot features all home made jams and jellies, from left to right: Apple Cinnamon, Highbush Cranberry, Salmonberry, Wild Blueberry, and Crowberry. It forms a wonderful color palette of sweet goodness.

I live in interior Alaska, and many varieties of berry grow wild. I find them, I pick them, I preserve them, I eat them. It's as close as totally organic as I'm ever going to be!

And there would have been pictures of that bread, but it was so good that we ate about half the loaf while it was still hot from the oven. It was a small white sourdough baguette.