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Holiday Puff Paste Heath Bar and Chocolate Chip Rugelach

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Holiday Puff Paste Heath Bar and Chocolate Chip Rugelach

I suppose these really aren’t Rugelach in the strictest sense of the word but they are at least sort of shaped like them and they end up sort of looking like them. 


These are much lighter the heavier sour cream and short crust ones that are terrific too, but not as good as these beauties.


I didn’t brush the rolled out puff paste with butter as usual but, besides the Heath Bar chunks and chocolate chips, Lucy did put some brown sugar and cocoa in the filling as well.

My daughter said these were the best Rugelach yet and mentioned…. Wow Dad you really know how to make puff paste!  She made my day and these treats were the fitting end to long day of baking.


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Song Of The Baker

Oh man...aren't Heath bars similar to Skor bars?  My weakness....

They look so goooood bad but good.


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bar but if it is toffee crunch then you have it!  If there is a thing called death by chocolate puff paste - this is it! When the weather gets cool then puff paste and laminated dough are on the must do list!  You would like these John!

Happy Baking!

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Those look amazing!

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and light as feather too.  Glad you liked them

Happy baking

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Hi dabrownman,
Crispy, and a delightful crunch too, from the turbinado sugar on the crust?
These look delicious!
Happy holiday baking,
:^) breadsong

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wash on them with a generous amount of turbinado sugar sprinkled on top - it was all left over from the Christmas Cherry Chocolate Chunk bake.  These things are very tasty and hopefully good for you too!  Crunchy, chocolate sugar and light as a feather - so what could be wrong? 

Happy Holiday baking back at ya breadsong!

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I make rugelach every year. Buttery dough with fillings in any form has to be good !  c

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cookie my girls let me make - so Lucy goes all out on them.  i like the sour cream in the short crust ones too - and those are much easier to make:-)  I like them because all you have to do is change the filling and you have a whole new treat!

My take on your cherry chocolate bread came out great - at least on the outside.  Can't wait to have it for breakfast this morning and get a peek at the crumb and have a taste.

Happy baking trailrunner

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I'd stop by if stopping by didn't involve air travel.   And then maybe Lucy would bite me since I would be uninvited.   It could be a real fiasco.   But worth it for the rugelach.  --Varda

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because they might be bringing her some kind of food.  She barks at them for a minute and then jumps in their laps with kisses asking 'where is my treat?'  These rugelach lasted about as long as took to write this response to you!  I think Obi Wan has done something to Lucy - she has that light my fire look in her her eyes - maybe is was Max!

Happy baking Varda!

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. . . those look wonderful and I could eat the whole plate! I haven't tried my hand a laminated dough yet . . .hmmm.

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sure taste great.  I always get a better puff paste if I use shortening or lard for the dough with a little salt and sugar and leave the butter for the layers.  Another trial and error experiment will sort it out for you.  I used equal parts of flour and butter by weight too and  do 144 layers of butter.  I like apricot jam and nuts or mince meat for a filling too.  Just get them really cold in fridge before you egg and milk wash them and bake at 400 F to get them to puff.  Will take about 15 minutes or so to get that deep brown.  They puff at 375 F but they don't turn out as good for me at that temperature.

Happy baking Ski!