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this morning's success

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this morning's success

Hi! Sorry for the long absence. I've started baking again more consistently and in earnest now that schedule/climate makes that a little easier.

This morning's success was my 79th attempt (or something like that) at the Tartine country loaf. I haven't had consistent results (especially outside a dutch oven), but this morning I was happy with how things turned out.

The journey this time included much longer bulk fermentation due to a chilly kitchen, and an overnight fridge visit of the shaped loaves because I ran out of time to bake.

Crust, bloom, flavor all superb. "Sourdough" flavor balanced and not over-acidic, despite the long rise. Crumb was acceptable with goo texture but not as open as I expected or hoped.

Thanks! Enjoy!


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Those loaves look great.  The overnight rest should help improve flavor.  The yeast become inactive around 40 F, but the enzymes in the flour are still active and creating a more robust flavor. 

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They look gorgeous. I made the very same recipe this morning, first time for me! Everything is good, apart from my usual problem, the slashes fill in! It smells beautiful though, I just wish they looked like yours!