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Sesame Crusted 70% WW Flax SD

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Sesame Crusted 70% WW Flax SD

After reading "Tartine" I tried out its wholewheat SD with Flaxseeds, I substitute Sunflower seeds with roasted Sesame seeds. 

Everything was going well until the second fold. It said in the books to add the seeds during the second fold. I add them in there an perform the S&F as usual. Issues Happened


Sesame crusted 70% ww flaxseed sd

The seeds mixture layered between bread instead of mixed into the dough. I thought maybe they will eventually come together. Obviously I was so wrong. They never did. After baking my first loaf, i thought wait, it shouldnt look like this I flip around n found CUT THE ADD IN INTO THE DOUGH!!! Nothing much can be done to help so I marched on. 

I cant believe I missed the most important part. Im gonna try again next week. When I taste the loaf its like a layered bread. Thanks to the gooey seeds mixture my bread didnt hold it shape very well. This is a pretty good bread apart from the layering.





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That looks like a wonderful loaf of bread, Ceci. I wouldn't hesitate devouring all this bread in an instant.


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Thank you very much for your kid word 

it smooth my feeling. this loaf apart from the fact that its a layered bread its good in terms of texture n still edible

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Ceci, sorry to hear about your mishap. I imagine that you watered your flax seeds over night which makes the quite gluey and sticky and I can only imagine how that will play in your bread. 

To be honest, I have been there, had that happened to me. But I found that this kind of problem helps us to learn and get better. And most of the time even the mishaps are still edible :).

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No I didn't watered them for the whole night but I used boiling water which put me to the same spot! 

i was thinking I'm the only one here who stupid enough to make a layered bread. This experience definitely helps, now I will never forget to cut n squeeze them into the dough

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a bunch of seeds like this to go in, i usually put them in on the first S&F and, by the end of the 3rd one, they are evenly distributed.  The layered look can be a good one too.  Next time during shaping spread the dough for one of the loaves out into a long rectangle where the short side is the length of your loaf  tin.  Sprinkle the seeds over the top in one even layer.  Then roll from the short side.  Let it proof in a tin and you will get loaf that rises high and has a striking seed swirl on the inside.  Very tasty too. 

I'm sure your bread was very tasty anyway which means is was a success!

Happy baking.

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Now I know whats my other problem!!!

I didnt take out the dough n do the S&F on countertop rather I did a in bowl stretch n fold. I think thats why it didnt distribute thoroughly. Thank you very much to your help I think I have improved fair a bit, both s&f and Baking