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Fresh! Hot! Deli Rye just out of the WFO

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Faith in Virginia

Fresh! Hot! Deli Rye just out of the WFO


Well  it's Sunday 12-8-13 and we have freezing rain. My world is cold and covered with ice...except the wood fired oven that is nice and hot.

What a better time to do some baking. Work has been bogging me down so baking was forced on the side lines.  With the onset of winter I should have more time for baking :-)

My bread stores are low so I figured I would bake some of my regulars. This is a Deli Rye bread with  20% preferment.  I got the formula from King Arthur Flour when I took the rye class with Jeffery Hamelman.

I have more bread in the proofer, (4) VT sourdough's  and (6) cheesy breads I like to make.  So more pictures later with some crumb shots.

Happy baking!!!



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A lovely display of breads.

I am sitting in front of a fire as I type.  Our temps. in the single digits of late so the warmth of wood is greatly appreciated but not conducive to baking bread in my fireplace :O

When you bake such a large amount of bread do you then freeze most of it?  How does it fare after being in the freezer?  

Since I started baking daily my kids will not even consider eating frozen bread….but, what they don't know is that I do freeze extra loaves for 'emergencies' and no one has been the wiser.  I also keep it on hand for French toast.

Thanks for the post!


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Faith in Virginia

I give a bunch away and I also freeze a bunch.  It fares quite well if not stored for too long in the freezer.  Once from the freezer it's great as french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.  But to tell you the truth after the freezing it's not much different from a second day loaf...more then acceptable for sandwiches.

Wish I had the time to bake daily but with my work scheduled  I bake when I can.




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Faith in Virginia

a(4) VT sourdough's  and (6) cheesy breads.


Well that's the end of my baking day.  The bread God's were good to me today!

Happy baking!   Faith

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The kind of baking you do looks too much like work for me but you have all of the equipment necessary to make make it easy. All of them look tremendous inside and out with a nice variety -  well done and happy baking!

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Faith in Virginia

Thanks  dabrownman ,but the reality is baking 2 loaves or baking 10 loaves is not that different.  So the "work" of it is the same for 2 versus 10 loaves.  Scaling 100 grams of flour or 15000 grams of flour is about the same just a bigger bowl.  Then all the fermentation times and resting times are the same.  So I could put in 6 hours for 2 loaves or 6.5 hours for 10 you see where I'm going with this.

The big equipment does make it possible  to keep the "work" about the same for small batches.

I had such a nice day doing some care free baking!   Wish I could do this full time :-)


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Stuart Borken

Faith;  Are you interested in making New York Deli Style Caraway Rye breads?  I have been making breads that rise and look like yours but are made with dry onion flakes for a back-ground flavor note and caraway in the dough and on the surface of the finished loaf.  My sour is the 3 day ferment of the basic rye dough in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day with my minimal modifications.  

My picture up loading skills are so miserable that the photos end up showing up, upside down.  I don't understand....I probably need to ask the 10 year old boy next door what to do to correct this issue.

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Faith in Virginia

These loaves do have caraway but the onion note sounds wonderful.  I don't have that book but if you wish to share your formula that would be great.  I'm slowly building a list of breads and each have their own special quality. 

This rye formula is for the most part as written from KAF. I made a few changes to suit my style.  For instance I keep my levain at 100% hydration so I adjusted the formula to suit the hydration level.  Just makes things easier.

I also like rolling the Rye in caraway for a topping but tend to loose a bunch in the slicing process.  I need a better seed glue. :-)

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Faith these all look great.  That cheese bread looks amazing and must taste the same especially warm.  For some better glue on your ryes try an egg wash which is what I usually do.  I baked a rye last night which I need to post soon.  I also used onions per Stuart and a higher % of rye than a normal deli rye.

Wish I had a WFO like you so I could make some larger batches.  One of these days ....



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Faith in Virginia

Thanks Ian,  I'll give the egg wash a try.  The 20% rye is on the low side and I could give it a bit of a boost but it's just another one of those breads that gets raving reviews so I bake it because I'm always being asked for more. 

Careful of what you wish for ...LOL . I started with the WFO...then I needed a bigger mixer...then a a retarder...bigger working table...more room ...bigger building...More TIME...

Seriously I do enjoy my WFO.

Looking forward to your rye post.


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Faith,  What a great load of bread.   Glad you are getting a chance to do some baking.   -Varda

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Faith in Virginia

Thanks Varda,

I've been trying to keep up with your baking adventures and stepping out into the commercial market.  I read more then reply these days.  I'm still thinking of doing the same but have my reservations.