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Bay Street Milling (Flour)

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Bay Street Milling (Flour)

Hey Folks,

I live in way south in Baja California.  I have to order my bread flour from a restaurant supplier that is located in LaPaz because stores down here do not carry high gluten bread flour.  I've tried the Mexican flours with poor results.  It is a very fine low gluten grind mainly for tortillas. 

Up until my last 50lb bag the supplier was getting Gold Metal, which was fine by me.  I was just happy to get it.  But my last order came in from 'Bay State Milling'.  The bag was labeled 'Block Buster' bread flour.

I went on-line to their site, but could not find any protein % information and the only bread flour listed currently is 'Bouncer'.  I did find out that they mill for all sorts of companies that 're-brand' the milled flour.  So, I e-mailed them a question, but never got a response.  

Does anyone know anything about 'Bay Street Milling'.  And possibly what protein content their bread flour might be???

I know most of you are stanch 'King Author' flour users and I would be also, but can't get it down here.

Thanks for any info.....

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That reads "high gluten flour" which is usually on the order of 13%+ protein(really 13.5%+).

High gluten flour is typically stronger than even bread flour, but it's easy to blend down to a lower strength, if desired, by blending with your weaker flours.

Just thought I'd add that, but can't help with the exact specifications. Good luck.

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Bay State Milling is based in Massachusetts but has processing facilities in the midwest.  I have used several of their products and have been pleased with the results.   Their Winona Patent flour (unbleached) is a good general flour.  It is the flour my employer buys in bulk so I have used it in cakes, cookies, breads, etc.  The bag to bag consistency of the Bay State flours is excellent.  I have seen Bouncer flour (13.5% protein) offered at a local restaurant supply house, but only the bleached flour.  They do make an unbleached version as well.  The high protein flour (which may be 14% or better protein) you have would be good in rye breads or multi-grain breads, and great for bagels.   I am surprised you did not get a response from Bay State, since in my experience they have been very good about answering questions about their products.  It can take a few days.   All in all, I have had good luck with Bay State flours.

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embth,,,,,, Thank you for the information.  The bag I have is also unbleached.  Down here where we live we just can not be too picky.  We are just happy to get the flour bleached or unbleached.

Oh, happy to hear that their consistency is good.  That's the major problem with the local flours here.... no bag to bag consistency.....