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Hello, Friends

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Capn Dub

Hello, Friends

I've been a lurker here for a couple of months, but I finally decided to join the crowd.  Y'all have impressed me as being a group of ladies and gentlemen -- does that mean I'm automatically banned?

I've been baking artisan loaves off and on for years, but I'm far from being an expert.  Sourdough is my chief love, although I'm not too proud to do an occasional batch of yeast bread.  My idea of a perfect loaf is a boule with a crust that would deflect a bullet and big holes in the crumb.  Finally, I think I've got it down pat, but I'm still tweaking my methods and recipes.

So anyway, hello from the two of us:  me and Hecliff.  (Hecliff is my starter -- any creature who eats as much as he does needs to have a name.  I've taught him to sit, but he just refuses to come when I call him.  I suppose there's no chance he'll ever learn to fetch the paper.)

Thanks for letting me join such a nice group.


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Welcome, from another who's surprised to be allowed on here. The folks around here really are very friendly and helpful. It's definitely different from at least most other websites. It's almost like a family, only nicer!