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Best method for freezing and defrosting Artisan breads

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Best method for freezing and defrosting Artisan breads

I'm  going to be making some breads for the holidays what are some the best freezing and defrosting methods for artisan breads. Including some breads that will have some cheeses and fruits in them

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I have had some very good results doing the following:

Let the loaves cool completely (2-3 hours).  Wrap in 3-4 layers of saran wrap.  Place wrapped loaves in a zip lock freezer bag.  

Defrost in fridge overnight in the saran and zip lock bag.  Remove wrapping and it is as fresh as the day I baked it.

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They don't take very long to defrost. When my wife was in a hurry to thaw a baguette we put it in a toaster oven, maybe 350 degrees F, and it came out fine.

Sometimes the frozen loaves taste better than fresh. Like dskaufman says, freeze them as soon as they cool down to room temperature.