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The new look and the lack of the notifications I used to get.

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The new look and the lack of the notifications I used to get.

I love the new look, but find I don't bother to visit, because I don't have notifications of the latest posts. That said I understand the problem that Floyd has trying to deal with this, but really do miss visiting.

I came today to look for a specific loaf, have been buying the Artisanal Bread from Safeway (they bake frozen breads and claim they are fresh) and my husband has gone nuts for the kalamata loaf. So am going to try and bake one at home.

Other than that, we are in the middle of winter, and of course what happens we have to fix plumbing, both sinks in the baths have decided that they were dying, one died quite some time ago, but we had the ensuite to use but that one died the other day, so have been trying to fix it over the weekend off but of course that didn't work so had to have DH take today off, we now have one working sink (sort of) and one that may work by the weekend.


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Hi Eva

Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems, hope it is all sorted promptly.

It would seem you missed seeing Floyd's response to you last time you asked about updates from TFL.

All you need to do is go to the TFL feedburner email subscription and register your email address. You will receive in your email inbox regular updates from TFL (make sure you check your spam box and teach your email package that you want the TFL posts, if they end out in spam). That didn't happen to me. I receive an email from TFL most days with the subject line: Latest posts from The Fresh Loaf. You can read them in email. It is very easy. Please try it.