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Cherry Pecano Bread

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Cherry Pecano Bread

Continuing on my quest to enhance the collage I posted, this is what I call Cherry Pecano Bread. And I know that I said I would include either recipes, or links to recipes, but this one is a work in progress, so the recipe is not really ready yet. I will though, explain what I did so that you can try it too!

We eat a lot of salad at my house, and I've recently started using these little packets to kind of dress them up when one day it occurred to me that this stuff would be good in bread.

To my favorite basic sweet bread dough, I added vanilla, cinnamon and the packet of salad toppings, which in this case was Salad Pizazz's Cherry Cranberry Pecano. It has cherry flavored cranberries and honey toasted pecans.

I baked this loaf in a springform pan, and think that I should have let it proof a little longer. I did a horrible job on the scoring, I did use an egg was and sprinkled it with turbinado sugar.

It was a good bread, especially sliced and toasted with a little melted butter.

I've tried several different Salad Pizazz flavors. Each packet I've used so far has almost a cup of ingredients, maybe like 7/8 of a cup. Try it! I think you'll like the results.