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Perusing that perfect loaf

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Perusing that perfect loaf

Hi everyone! I just wish to say thanks to everyone who are contributing to this forum, which is reach of knowledge and experience of home bakers from all over the world. I started baking bread couple of years ago and although I enjoyed it much, it was just another task. Until I discovered artisan bread baking... What an amazing experience and journey it is! Taste and texture of my bread is improving loaf by loaf and not only that. Few days ago I made my first sour doug bread and it tasted fantastic. Now I will experiment with frermentation times to achive what will suit my taste buds.

The process of bread baking makes me reflect a lot about life in general.
What I learned is that progress can be achieved by accumulating knowledge and experience through time. Constant effort, time and passion should be main ingredients of everything we do. There are no shortcuts in achieving quality and desired goal. Many times I find out the ways not to do it and yet every time it comes out a bit better. Wait... is this bread I'm talking about or is it life? Or is it: bread = life?

I'm still perusing that perfect loaf of bread...

See you on the forums, Tomas



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Hi Tomas,

I think the keyword is "persistence". It best sums up the never ending quest for the greatest loaf.


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From the looks of the composition of your photos I would guess that you are quite experienced at learning to do creative things and attending to all of the necessary details.



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Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words.

@Heath & @pjkobulnicky I'm happy with the way my bread looks and taste like, but I know that it can be even better. I'm not sure I understand why the crust opens so much. Since I'm a designer I eat with my eyes as well so I have to please that side as well.

@Wild-Yeast I agree. Persistence is the key...


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Song Of The Baker

Nice loaf should be proud of this one!


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Bread with attitude!

Tomas, From your original post, it is easy to see you have the right frame of mind for baking.  I liked you said about the process of baking and how that mirror's life in general.  What a great endeavor for those of us who have experience much in life and have learned from every step of the way.  Getting that loaf to turn out right is just a visual indicator of many other things that have to go right before you can claim success... much like life itself.