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I see you lurking! What's new?

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Hey, thanks for noticing. I've not been very active lately because of my upcoming move to Corvallis on July 28.

Boxes and plane fares and moving vans and mortgages and home insurance and day care ....

Frankly, I'd rather be baking. I took some photos of my bake this weekend. If I can ever find 20 minutes, I'll write it up and post it. But my grandmother of 99 (28 days shy of 100) passed away yesterday so I'll be in Atlanta for the rest of the week.

I did take the time over the weekend to revive Spelty the starter, who had worked up a good thick layer of hooch over the 5 weeks I'd neglected her. Poor Horace the whole wheat starter and Reeba Rye ended up in the sink. There's just no point, I thought, in maintaining duplicate whole wheat and rye starters, especially with the move coming up.

No worries, though. Once we get set up in Corvallis, I'll be working from home. And you know what that means.

Fresh bread during the week! Woo hoo!

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My Nonny raised me and she was a wondrous women as was your Granny. Our memories of them will always be a gift.

Wishing you an easy journey to Oregon. I moved here 4 years ago from Connecticut and well remember all the work involved. I basically sold my home and planned the move from here. It's a little different doing it long distance. There are a few of us that will almost be neighbors..Floyd, Crumb Bum. Let me be the first to welcome you and your family to Oregon! Safe journey..

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My condolences on the death of your grandmother. 

Hope your move goes smoothly and I look forward to your full return to TFL.                                                                                                      weavershouse

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... so I went ahead and wrote that blog post on grilled pizza and other whole wheat stuff. And thanks you for your kind words.

Grandma was a very strong, witty and kind woman who lived through WWI, the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Great Depression and WWII on several farms in West Georgia, where she raised five children, all of whom graduated from high school.

That may not seem like a big deal today, but in in the 40s, 50s and 60s in rural Georgia, when she and Granddaddy were raising cotton, cattle, pigs and foodstuffs for themselves all while he worked 2nd shift at a tire factory -- that was quite an accomplishment. Indeed, for most of that time, my Granddaddy was a sharecropper for his own father, a hard man whose meanness did not carry on to his son. Graddaddy didn't own his own land until his first two children had left home. Most farm families back then took their children out of school as soon as was legal so they could help out in the fields.

Grandma also made the worst biscuits I've ever tasted. Like hardtack. Man, did I like her burgers and fried chicken, though. She also made these sweet quickbreads that people around there called "tea cakes." Daddy knows how to make them, I think. I'll have to ask him.

The funeral will be a celebration of her long and remarkable life. We'll miss her terribly, but with all she gave us, we feel lucky to have been able to know and love her for so long.

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Yes, we figured you were busy moving, and your modesty does you credit--of course we missed you! Something what a hundred years of living covers, isn't it? Guess good fried chicken and burgers trump bad biscuits, so that's okay. Will be looking forward to a post on teacakes.

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Thanks for sharing that jmonkey. She sounds like a great woman who obviously gave your family much. My greatest respect to her.


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I just saw this thread and wanted to extend my sincerest sympathies to you and your family for the loss of your dear Grandmother.  I also thank you for sharing a little bit about her as I love to hear all the stories of our dear ones who have lived through so much and experienced things we can only read about.  It is quite something to become nearly 100 years old.  I'll bet she had some incredible stories to tell.  Anyway, just wanted to give you a holler to acknowlege this.  I hope all with your move is going well.