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New to baking bread and to The Fresh Loaf

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New to baking bread and to The Fresh Loaf

Hello everyone,

I have been tinkering with bread making for the past few months and have only gotten serious in this endeavor the past couple of weeks. How fortunate for me to find this fantastic site so quickly. I was lucky enough to find a very simple white bread recipe that the family thinks is delicious but I had no idea how or why it all worked. After reading the Lessons and Handbook sections, I have a much better grasp on what I am doing and not doing and why some of the bread turned out perfect and some not so perfect. (Ran out of Gold Metal Flour and went to my old stand by White Lily, that I have used for years to make the kids pancakes and waffles. Now I know why I liked White Lily so much) Needless to say, I have switched to King Arthur and am anxiously awaiting the results of the three loaves of bread currently in the oven.

To say I have questions, is an understatement. Which tread would be the proper topic location?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and I look forward to all this site has to offer. Hopefully, someday I will reach the skill level where I might be able to contribute.

The Best to Everyone

Kirk,  From the Banks of the Savannah



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Happy Bread baking!

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Thank you. A beautiful loaf of bread coming out of the oven does make me happy.

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Hi Kirk, and welcome to TFL.  I hope your loaves turned out nice :)

Don't worry about being an expert bread baker before you contribute - I'm certainly not.  I think others will agree that all discussion is welcome.

I don't think you need to worry about which thread to post on - just choose the one that seems most apt.

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Thank you Heath for your response and the loaves did turn out very nice. I think I am going to like this King Arthur flour. I'm going to like this site a lot as well. You and all the others on this site are going to be a tremendous help getting me into this wonderful world of bread.

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Song Of The Baker

Welcome aboard and too bad we don't get a taste of that rich Savannah accent.


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Thanks John. The bread is starting to taste better but my accent not so much. My y'all and all y'all are pretty good but that rich true Georgia accent is still controlled by born and breed.