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Flautas - Fried Stuffed Flour Tortillas

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Flautas - Fried Stuffed Flour Tortillas

I'm still working on the pictures and instructions for a collage I posted earlier.

It had never occurred to me to try and capture the crumb of a flour tortilla! Ever!! So mostly what I have is a picture of the gooey, melted cheese that's on the inside.

And this particular batch is pork and green chile. Next time I make them, I'll do up a much better set of instructions!

Basically, its a stuffed generic flour tortilla that is deep fried. Any flour tortilla recipe will work, you have to use raw tortillas though, not the already cooked ones from the store. The fillings can be what ever you want, but my family likes meat, cheese and some kind of chile.



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Great idea!  Must try this one for sure.

thanks for sharing.

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I have never seen flour tortilla's use for flautas before.  They look awesome to me :)

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are used for flautas but, what is really interesting for me is that I've never seen raw dough used for frying any kind of flauta and never would have even thought of doing so.  Well Done!