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Some of my favorites

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Some of my favorites

Top Row (left to right)

     Deep Fried Stuffed Traditional Tortillas, Basic yeast white bread, Sourdough Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls, Olive Parmesan Focaccia

Middle Row (left to right)

     Garlic/Spinach Cut/Twist Focaccia, Sopapillas, Cherry Pecano Yeast Bread, Buttery Rosetta Yeast Rolls

Bottom Row (left to right)

     Artisan Sourdough Mini Boule, Pepperoni Pizza, Traditional Alaskan (Yukon) Sourdough, and White dinner rolls

I am thoroughly looking forward to trying the recipes and techniques I have seen on this site. Bread really is the stuff of life in my home. Thank you all for the lovely pictures, the recipes and formulas that you share, And thanks also for all the hints and advice that you so freely provide! So bring on the butter or your favorite toppings and BAKE ON!!









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beautiful array of delicious pictures. Can't wait to see your baking results of each and every one of the above :)

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I have a hard time loading pictures, but I will do blog posts, I will have to go back and look at my pictures, and I'll post  a recipe also.