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Josh’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Stollen

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Josh’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Stollen

Josh’s stolen, is not really his per se but the one he makes at work. It is a yeasted version, aged a little over 3 weeks.  It was filled with nuts and dried fruits covered in powdered sugar.  The crust was brown and the crumb was just slightly sweet - just the way we like it.  You can slice it in 1/4“ slices, no problem, for those on a diet.  It is delicious and my daughter’s boyfriend liked it too.  He had ever heard of stolen before - we have a new convert!  Lucy hasn’t made French toast with it yet but you know that treat will soon be on the breakfast menu.  Thanks for the stolen Josh!


The stollen was accompanied by Lucy’s Herbed Butter & Lemon Sliced Turkey.  The picture was at 155 F when the stuffing was taken out and the now separate bird and stuffing were returned to a 325 F convection oven until the bird hit 162 F.  We have found this the best way to get the stuffing infused with the bird’s drippings while making sure the entire top of the dressing gets caramelized and ensuring there is no possibility of unsafe contamination of the stuffing or bird – and the bird is not overcooked and perfectly done. 


Here is my plate showing a half of my daughter’s fine rolls (ate the other half first thing) and her garlic and sun dried tomato green beans, Great Grandma Geraldine’s sausage stuffing, Great Grandma Ester’s cranberry salad, Julia Child’s carrots and my wife’s Sweet and Yukon Gold, Butter and Sour Cream mashed potatoes.  The giblet gravy was the surprise favorite of our guests but I forgot to put some on the mashed potatoes before taking the picture.


Breakfast Bubbles and Squeak with some of that gravy on top.

 Sorry, no pictures of the pies for desert but our guests brought a most unusual kind of upside down pecan pie like we had ever seen before – very tasty and not too sweet - my wife made her signature pumpkin pie.


Turkey and Dumplings

This is what Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are all about - family, friends good food and good times to remember.

What makes this Thanksgiving leftover sandwich special is Mini's 100% Rye and Walnut Bread!

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to all with a little Happy Baking thrown in for good measure!

Home grown tomatoes for Thanksgivng is a treat too - even though they weren't on the menu.  Winter tomatoes are the sweetest around here.


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Hope the stollen was up to snuff. I haven't cracked into one since fresh. 


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The Holiday guests took home a lot of bread from here but the stollen wasn't one of them.  Every one loved it except my daughter who hates raisins is bread for some reason.  I told here they were prunes but she wasn't buying it :-)  I'm finally going to toast it for breakfast, instead of eating it plain and see how it goes with some smoked fish, fresh tomatoes and capers.  There's nothing like a good stollen.  Thanks and

Happy Hanukkah Josh.

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what a spread ! i miss Lucy... 


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Lucy misses you too ans she says

Hello dan berharap semuanya berjalan dengan lancar - With Google, her Malay is pretty good!

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Happy hanukkah, and thanksgiving, DA!

That is a wonderful spread of excellent food.


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bring folks together for the Holidays.  We had a great time too!  Thanks for the kind words Khalid!

Happy Baking

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Looks like you had a perfect Holiday and friends and great food.  I'm still full from my holiday meal but I can find some room for your wonderful spread.  Everything looks fantastic and must have tasted great.

I'm getting ready for the trip back this afternoon and have to get back before Max starts barking with a southern drawl :)

Happy holidays,


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Lucy missed Max and, her being a Southern Belle and all. she would have loved to see him as a perfect Southern Gentleman - especially with the drawl!  We don't mind losing the war so much now a days but, the 148 year occupation is a little bit too much!

Glad your Holiday trip to God's Country to see the family turned out well with the food a little bit too good and filling.  Here it is December ll ready ......Safe trip back home for you and yours and thanks for the Thanksgiving spread compliments.

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things Ian said- family, friends, and great food ! You certainly had a stupendous array of food there and I'm sure it tastes absolutely as good as it looks. Lucy must have been worn out with all that cooking and tasting. She deserved a nice rest.

I've heard that some people look forward to Black Friday to shop after Thanksgiving but for us, the thoughts turn to holiday baking. So far, Gubana and cut out sugar cookies are on the gma's radar. How about you and Lucy?

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a rest but she has been sleeping ever since the dishes were cleared and cleaned....but, I have to admit, that is her strong suit and she falls off into dreaming most of the time to contemplate  ...deep thoughts only she has... even when not tuckered out:-)

Yes, it it time for continued Holiday baking to commence in earnest.  So far - a flan or, possibly cheese cake, some mince meat, chocolate and apricot nut puff paste rugelach are for sure on the list that will surly grow longer.  The girls, including Lucy, will be doing all the cookies as usual but, this year, Lucy also wants to do a full size painted Santa, made out of bread, that we can lacquer and put out in the front yard all decorated in lights - well you know how she can get with her crazy recipes. Something about that determined German thing she has gong for her.....I told her we might do a Santa Face instead if was wasn't too naughty this past year.  She muttered something about finding a new master and leaving coal behind in my stocking and then, promptly fell to growling in her sleep. 

Happy Holidays and baking to you and yours Barbra!

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Hi dabrownman,
So delicious-looking things in this post looks like you had a very happy Thanksgiving!
The icing sugar on the stollen - the top of the bread looks like a snowy ski-slope to me.
The turkey and all the trimmings look wonderful, and the rye and walnut bread to have for sandwiches – yum.
And now you have the joy of those sweet winter tomatoes to look forward to :^)
After the holiday celebration, Lucy looks plumb tuckered. Or maybe it’s ‘plumb turkeyed’?
:^) breadsong

dabrownman's picture

is Lucy's speciality - besides pumpernickel of course:-) Hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as Lucy's was...she nearly overdosed with Hanukkah ans Thanksgiving coinciding this year.  Mini's walnit breat is awesome.  for the 4th vesrions of leftover turkey we are having Green and White Turkey Chili with sesame and flax seed croutons. using stuffing as the thickenr :-)  

Just waiting forr the girls to get home from work and shopping to dig in!  We love the Hoidays adn canlt wait to get into some real decadent baking before the year ends.

I had the tomato on the right on the leftover turkey sandwich today.  Talk about Joy!  Nothing like winter tomatoes!  You just want to eat them plain in one huge bite!

Josh's stollen was and  is, just the right amount of sweetness and joy - and it does look like a snowy mountain top!  Glad you liked the post and

Happy baking breadsong...can't wait to see your next treat....Lucy hasstolen your stenciling technique ...... using red leaf lettuce....looks just like a red maple leaf.