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Hello from the Boogie Down Bronx!!!

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Hello from the Boogie Down Bronx!!!

Hi, my name is Bella

I am  newbie to bread making BUT have been so, so successful. I began baking at home for health reasons. I have lupus and noticed that every time I ate bread made by machines I would have not so nice reactions. I cannot live with bread so I began making it. In the beginning my bread was so dense and tacky, I kept working at it. Until I found a recipe that works for our home!

I have done a simple French bread, baguette, tons of simple white loafs, seeded simple white loafs, croissants, tortillas, bagels and fougasse.

Next Brioche, Hallah, Rye and Sour dough.

My be able to make a nice artisan bread.

Cant wait!


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Welcome to TFL, Bella.  It sounds like you're already a successful bread baker and I look forward to reading your posts with interest.

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wife'sfamily too!.  It seems many a Fresh Lofian are on a journey or quest, bread wise, and you are too!

Happy baking!