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It's really just Focaccia

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It's really just Focaccia

I increased my recipe by 50%, hand shaped two circles, used a spinach and garlic filling. It filled my pizza pan. Can't wait until dinner to taste it. If it tastes as good as it smells, it'll be yummy!


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How did you create the patterns? Happy Thanksgiving!


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I've never made this, but I think this might be the method.

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great minds think alike :) Happy thanksgiving you yours looks much more artistic than mine of course :)

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But I don't care for Nutella, and I wanted a bread to go with dinner. I used a focaccia recipe (increased it by half) and made up my own filling (spinach, garlic and a hot sesame oil). And I only did two layers. Divided the dough in half, shaped each half by hand on piece of parchment. First layer on a pizza pan, then the filling, then the next layer of bread dough. I set a small bowl on the center and made the cuts with my pizza wheel.  The technique is like what is shown in the video, but I didn't do the ends, just kind of folded them under. I really want to try this now with a sweet dough and a bear claw type filling.

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That looks amazing.  Thanks for sharing and can't wait to hear how it tastes.

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Especially with some butter on it!


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Hi aptk,
That's such a pretty focaccia, and I bet it tastes as good as it looks!
Thank you so much for sharing the link for this shaping method.
:^) breadsong

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wayne on FLUKE

thanks for sharing


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Mini Oven

:)  Your focaccia looks too good!  

(poinsettia?) (star burst?) (lone-star quilt?)