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Sour Tartine

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nora sass

Sour Tartine

I made my second attempt at Tartine, however this time around, the taste was too sour compared to the previous. I left it 4hrs for fermentation and took another 4hrs for proofing. Can someone help me here how to get more sweetness and much less sour. Otherwise I simple luv this bread. Thank you

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annie the chef

Your loaf looks fine with nice scoring.

Regarding to how to make the sourdough bread you are looking for, you will need to refresh you starter and build a levain for the final dough.  Pay attention to your room temperature and dough temperature, warm or cold temperature will favor acetic acid or lactic acid production in the dough and that is the tang and flavours you are going to get after baked. 

My advise is if you are new to sourdough bread baking, choose to bake other breadssuch as Vermont Sourdough or Pain au Levain which are easier dough to work with.  Tartine's country loaf has a quite high percentage of water so it is quite difficult for a beginner to handle.

If you need some helps next time, show pictures of both crust and crumb and other experienced bakers here can spot the problems and advise accordingly.

All the best and happy baking!


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nora sass

Hi Annie, thanks for the respond.  I did actually build the levain flwng the recipe. Perhaps you were right about the room temperature. Here where I came from, average is about 26 to 28Deg Celsius, however lately its been raining quite a bit and getting more chilled in the kitchen.

Thank you for the tips, I am already searching the recipe for Vermont Sourdough, perhaps could start practicing on that and come back to Tartine Bread again. I can't help it, there has been so much talk about tartine and the bread simply looks wonderful, though it takes a lot of your time and efforts and skills.

Once again thank you Annie. You have a good day! Cheers :)





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SD breads.  Usually white liquid starters refreshed often at room temperature and no retarding of the dough makes for a less sour bread.