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Cheesy Garlic and Olive Focaccia

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Cheesy Garlic and Olive Focaccia

We often cut it into bread sticks with a pizza cutter, this one had an excellent texture and flavor. Crisp, crunchy crust, chewy on the inside and gooey on the top, almost like a sauce-less pizza!


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This looks amazingly evil!  Please share your recipe.

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I really threw this one together out of leftovers-

1 cup warm water, with 1 teaspoon sugar dissolved in it

1 tsp active dry yeast - it's what I had left in the bottom of the jar, I'm guessing teaspoon

Let it get foamy.

1/2 tsp salt

2-3 tablespoons olive oil - again I'm guessing, it was what was left in the bottle

1 cup flour

Beat it all together really good to get the gluten action started. Then slowly add enough flour to make a good dough - about another cup. Knead til smooth. Dough should tacky. I flour my hands to knead it. Allow to rise until doubled.

Plop it out of the bowl onto your cooking pan - I used my pizza stone, and gently stretch it out until it's about 1/2 inch thick. Then dimple it with your finger tips. Coat it with more olive oil and add toppings that you like.

For this one I used a light sprinkling of onion powder, then some crushed garlic, which didn't look like enough so I sprinkled it with garlic salt, then I sprinkled on crushed olives (left over from the casserole I just made), then I sprinkled on a the last handful of Italian blend cheese. I let it rise until the casserole was done, then cranked the oven up to 450F and let it bake for 20 minutes, then I sprinkled on all the cheese l had left in a bag of Mexican cheese blend, and let it bake until melted.

Let it cool briefly and then sliced it into bread sticks with a pizza cutter.