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greetings from oakland california.

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greetings from oakland california.

i have a bit of OCD.  i find a topic, immerse myself completely in it, live eat and breathe it for a bit.  i collect hobbies like some folks collect notches on the headboard,  heh.

which is to say i don't know exactly what made me want to bake bread.  and not just regular old bread, it had to be wild yeast sourdough.  i make beer (my other obsession) so i guess this seemed sort of related.  i think i read a blog and decided to make my own starter.  my first loaf failed, i think the starter was too young and my dough too dry.  here is my second attempt.  i had much better results following michael pollan's recipe in his "cooked" book. it is a little flat because the top stuck to the floured bowl and some pulled off.  i have another proofing in a banneton in the fridge that i think should far better.  pretty decent crumb, and tasty!  i may have found another addiction.  can't wait to bake more!




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You have found a great group of amateur experts... and REAL experts... glad you are enjoying the baking, we are too.


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Welcome, Christine!