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Bread #38: A perfect white bread

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108 breads

Bread #38: A perfect white bread

Bread #38: perfect sourdough, but no whole grains. I have ventured to the dark side & it tastes so good.

The best part is that I got the recipe here on the freshloaf forum!

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Mini Oven

sourdough starter or a wheat sourdough starter?  

Looks good, my only comment is that the word "starter" in the recipe isn't enough information.  When ever l post "starter," sooner or later someone asks what kind of starter.

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108 breads

Hi Mini Oven,

I mix it up with my starter, sometimes feeding with white flour, sometimes rye and sometimes spelt. Very seldom I use whole wheat. Very rarely do I add with any strategy because I try to use small amounts of starter for a long rise. Once in a while I want a 100 percent spelt bread, for example, and I feed a few times with spelt to make the starter primarily a spelt one.

For this bread, it was some kind of whole grain because I felt weird about making a 100 percent white bread.

It's all I can do to even follow a recipe. :) I end up doing things by feel often.

Happy Thanksgiving,