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Artisan flour

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Artisan flour

The historic Arva Flour Mill in Arva Ontario, is now selling on-line,  20 kg and 40 kg of their wonderful all natural flours on their website ( ) with FREE SHIPPING CANADA WIDE,  You are buying straight from the mill, so  you receive it shortly after it has been milled.  No chemicals or preservatives either.

It is "The Best Flour by a Dam Site."

Unfortunately they don't ship to the US. 

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How much is a 20 kg bag?

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For 2 x 10kg bags. Looks like it's packed in 10kg bags. They do have smaller packages, though I'd hate to see the price. Shipping is not free for smaller orders either, I don't think.

Prices at the link in op.

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I couldn't possibly afford that much for flour.  Pity, because I'd loved to have tried it.