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Crumbs with big holes

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nora sass

Crumbs with big holes

I used to complain of not getting nice holes in my crumbs, but this time around, I got more than what I bargained for  :)

Wonder what cud hv gone wrong this time. This is the famous Ny times no knead bread I did using just bread flour. I followed exactly what was called for in the recipe. 

Otherwise texture, crust us pretty good.

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Looks to have caused the separation around the top of the loaf. I've had plenty of those happen to me. Personally the crumb looks yummy :)

How long did it proof and @ what temp ?

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nora sass

Hello, tks for responding. I had it proofed for 2hrs at abt 80deg. Do u think its a bit too long ? How do I really tell if the proof is just about right. I am so new into all these & realised it is not that simple after all to have a nice piece of loaf at home straight out form the oven. Thanks for helping me out here. 

Regs Nora

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The holes at the top of the crust are from overproofing and you lost the roof.  80 deg F is a warm final proof temp and is perfectly fine yet the dough will need to be watched closely.  When you press a finger in the dough gently it should hold the impression but bounce back slightly at first.  If it just bounces back and doesn't hold the impression at all you need more time.  If it holds the impression with absolutely no resistance it is over proofed.  Different dough requires slightly different proof but this is the basic poke test.  What type of dough is this that you are using?  Could you share the formula and process?  

The remainder of the crumb looks quite nice and open.  the very large hole in the center may be minor shaping errors but overall I think your main problem is the proofing.  

None the less the bread looks pretty darn good. 


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nora sass

Hi Josh, tqs for highlighting my issues. My formula flws the famous Jim Lahey's no knead bread

3cups flour

1/4 tsp dry active yeast

1-1/4 tsp salt

1-1/2 cup room temp water

mixed and left it for abt 14hrs

then I did one stretch n fold

rest it for 20mins

shaped into a round ball

proof for 2hrs

put it in a cast iron casserole at 230deg for 30min with cover and another 20mins without cover

Yes, the texture both the crust and the crumb is fine. Will certainly give another shot at this n watch closely the proofing time. 

thanks once again Josh.

regs nora