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Too Much Sugar!

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Too Much Sugar!

Almost all the recipes I have found that are interesting and I would like to do uses way too much sugar for my taste.  I have lowered sugar content from 1 1/2 cups to 1 cup of sugar with no problems but some of the recipes for cookies, cakes, and other items uses 2 to 3 cups of sugar.  On these recipes if I go from 2 or 3 cups down to 1 cup would I need to make changes to the other parts of the recipe.  My husband is diabetic and I like to only include 1 cup of sugar the most.  Any thoughts on this? 

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Cakes and breads are usually too sweet for me,too. I often reduce the sugar in these recipes as it is not essential to the texture.

Cookies, on the other hand, depend on sugar for their shape and texture. It can be reduced but not too far UNLESS it is a cookie that is not too dependent on the sugar such as a biscotti. I make all manner of biscotti with oil rather than butter and all flavors. They are carb heavy by nature due to the flour but you can even use artificial sweetener to reduce the count a bit.

Have you ever considered using something like xylitol? It is granular and sweet and bakes well but it can have some gastrointestinal effect on some people. I have not experienced that but others have.

Or just bake the regular, rich recipe and reduce the portion.

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I almost always reduce the sugar in recipes by 50%.  Not only does no one notice, they say it tastes better (because the taste is not overpowered by sweet). 

As clazer23 said, this does not work for cookies, which rely on sugar for structure. 

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Thanks to everyone for their input on this.  I do use a sugar substititute but not xylitol.  I should try that.  I have been using Maltitol.  Will have to look into Xylitol instead.  Splenda, I have found, doesn't bake as well.  We use Splenda in our coffee.  Will copy the posts I have received and save to file.  Thanks so much for the input.  As for cookies, I don't bake them too much.  I do have a almond/lemon biscotti recipe I like and bake and also tea cookies.   

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Xylitol (an artificial sweetener) is poison to dogs.

Snopes - "Just three grams of Xylitol can kill a 65-pound dog." - (a sugar substitute used in sugar-free gum)

Other artificial sweeteners are also dangerous to dogs, causing adverse effects to their blood sugar.

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Thanks for the warnings on sugarfree substitutes.