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third time with pretzels......yea, I know, its not "bread".....

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third time with pretzels......yea, I know, its not "bread".....

This is my third or fourth time baking some pretzels and think this is my best batch.  Did it with all purpose flour and sourdough starter letting it rise in the fridge for 24 hours and a few out on the counter top..............well, I guess I don;t know how to upload from photobucket,.  Too much trouble to downsize from my computer so, no pics...........



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Mini Oven

And the thicker ones make great sandwiches!   Hope to see the pictures soon.   Have you looked in the FAQs for loading pics?

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and very difficult ones to get right...but we can't see yours so you are safe :-)

Happy pretzel photo posting!  Even the photos are difficult when it comes to pretzels!

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Strangely enough, the pics show up days later????  What's with that.

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And some might tasty bread, at that!