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Hello from Columbus Ohio!

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Hello from Columbus Ohio!

I am a Canadian living in Columbus - been here for about 15 years. Been baking bread for about 20 years but only started making GOOD bread in the last three or husband gave me Artisan Bread Baking by Maggie Glezer a few years ago and I never looked back at my former fine crumb bricks.

One thing that puzzled me when I came here is how flour is Canada, all purpose flour is high in gluten for bread it is...apparently no purpose flour...maybe for thickening. Also we tended to buy in 50 pound a five pound bag of "bread" flour is about all you get. I found a mediterranean store that imports Five Roses and Robin Hood canadian flour and I only use that....the flour in this part of north america is too soft for me and the bread tastes gummy. I highly recommend Canadian hard wheat flour...more structure in bread...


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Welcome, Kat!

Have you tried King Arthur's AP flour?  I always found it pretty easy to work with as well as easy to find in most any grocery store.

I'm in BC and have been using Roger AP as my go-to flour.  Quite nice.  Lot of other Canadian brands and smaller mills I still am learning about.

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