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Stuffed 25% ww hybrid sourdough dinner roll

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Stuffed 25% ww hybrid sourdough dinner roll

After my white bread I decided to bake another load with higher whole grain content. 

this is based on peter Reinhardt cinnamon sticky bun, I charge it to 25% wholewheat and sub part of the yeast with sourdough. 

did a 6+ 4 slap n fold and 3 s&f over the initial 2 hours of bulk fermentation, total 3.5 hours till double in size.

I used water wash with bran topping which added nutty flavor from the side it looks like a shreddable crumb. A crumb shot with filling will be posted tomorrow 


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Those look perfect on the outside.  Can't wait to see your filling.


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The fillings for my little bun is vegetarian "shredded pork with Flaxseed" but the filling seems to shrink a lot, maybe it absorbed the moisture from the bread made it shrink a bit. Its very tasty thou. 

The crumb is still shreddable after two days in a plastic bag!!


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