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Straight dough 76% hydration ciabatta

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Straight dough 76% hydration ciabatta

Since I had a disastrous attempt at pumpkin sourdough, which ended up in the bin, a straight dough would be perfect for saturday bake.

this recipe is borrowed from Folkish - flour waster yeast and salt Saturday white. But since it is a straight dough I added 10% of whole grain to give it some flavor ( rye 3%, wholewheat 5% and corn flour 2%) And increased the hydration to 76% to compensate the whole grain flour water absorption.

i followed his mixing and in bowl folding method for this bread, which is absolutely no mess and easy to hand such high hydration dough. For bulk fermentation and Proofing I followed my gut. 

This bread is light with very good oven spring, but without the preferment it's on the bland side. I guess I'm a whole wheat person.


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Looks good even if the taste is bland.....brush it with some good olive oil and grill it with some fresh cheese and you can't go wrong :).

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You are right!! its really good when its toasted with cheese, I also have it with olive oil n balsamic perfect match!

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Adding maybe 10- 15% starter(of total flour) to your straight doughs to increase the flavor profile.  You can decrease commercial yeast slightly but don't have too.  It will add tons of flavor to these fast breads.  Another option is to save small pieces of dough from some of your bakes in the freezer to have for times like this.  Thaw them and use as pate fermente and boost the flavor profile just the same.  The amount of pate fermente in a recipe can be much more than 10-15% if desired.  

Just an idea for you to tinker with

Nice looking loaf anyway


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does it work with freezed dough? For the pate fermente should it comes from a dough to be divided or before its bulk fermentation or after its second proof?

Thanks Josh!