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cuisinart stand mixers

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cuisinart stand mixers

I'm looking to purchase a stand mixer soon and I was wondering if any one has a cuisinart SM 70  stand mixer. I'm looking to see how well it does kneading bread and other mixing jobs. 



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Having used an old KitchenAid 6qt machine for years and a recent model DLX for a little over a decade, I looked forward to trying my daughter's new Cuisinart mixer.  I was sadly disappointed that, along with having the KitchenAid's chronic problem with requiring a separate bowl shield/spout to manage the addition of ingredients, much like the KA's, it seemed curiously insubstantial despite its outward appearance suggesting heaviness.  Mixing dough went well enough, once I managed to get the shielf/spout on, but as the dough got heavier, the machine labored in much the same way that my KA did, leading to my buying the DLX.

Based on my experience with the Cuisinart I would stay away from it.  If you're going to be making largish batches of dough at home move up the the DLX.  If you're staying with a batch of dough of about 1.5 lbs you can maybe do better with the KA, or if you can afford it, a real Hobart.  

One man's opinion.


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I have had a Cuisinart mixer for quite a while now. It gave up quite recently when I attempted to use it to knead a rather tough dough. It just can't handle large batches or dough that's more to the hard side. 


I suggest you get another brand but... your call. 

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I'm just looking to make usually only 2 loafs at a time. Not looking at spending a fourchon b/c its only for home use. 

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I have had the mixer you speak about for about a year. It is not particularly good for bread in that I have to keep feeding flour into dough mix with spatula to get it to mix thoroughly! I have been checking out the mixer by Bosch which is supposed to be superior for bread and costs $450.

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Bob Marley

Get yourself either a Hobart N50 or an Ankarsrum mixer and be done with it.