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Starter shrunk

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Starter shrunk

When I created my first starter a few days ago, it was nice and bubbly. I put it in the fridge, where it promptly lost some of its volume (maybe15%). Is that normal? Will it come back up once at room temperature? Anything I should do?

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Your starter needs to age for about a month, before it is mature.  Mix and discard about half of your starter, then blend in equal weights of chlorine free water and unbleached all purpose flour.  Let this ferment for two days then discard about about two thirds of the starter, and feed this equal weights of flour and water.  Let this ferment for about two days at room temperature.  Keep repeating.

Mike Avery has an excellent site for sourdough bread:


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Les Nightingill

Starter has a lifecycle between feedings... it'll rise, peak and fall again. Keep feeding regularly. Use it only when it's close to its peak.